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Although some time has passed now since the fateful events last week, I still can’t pull myself together.

So many security devices in place, so much money spent on security, such a lot of dedication of ordinary people engaged by the authorities to monitor security threats and … 129 lives in Paris lost.

No matter the hospitality, no matter the openness of the Europeans, no matter the freedom of belief and tolerance extended to all … the death toll in Paris stands at 129 … in a second such attack in less than a year.

My eyes fill with tears whenever I think about this senseless mass murder. They are tears of grief, tears of pain, tears of anger and tears of helplessness. I feel like shouting at someone, but I choke down my urge. What could I possibly shout about?

The last few days here have been spent talking to employees not only about the usual tasks which need doing in the course of ordinary work but also about terrorist attacks. We are talking about them because every leader must feel responsible for the safety of their employees and we all must make sure that our family and friends are safe in times like this.

We are talking about terrorist attacks because each time I think about a pleasant night out on a Friday evening, which last week caused unimaginable suffering for many and which proved to be the last evening in the lives of over a hundred others, my heart breaks.

All those dear people who lost their lives and their family and friends who are now grieving over the loss are in our thoughts today. To them we extend our condolences in this dark hour.

The rest is silence and … hope that good and our civilization will triumph over the perpetrators of the Paris atrocities who pursue their interests by bringing death and suffering.

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