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Entering the Era of 5G: MWC Barcelona 2019

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I can’t even count how many times I have visited Barcelona. This doesn’t change the fact that every visit gives me a similar thrill and a fresh, exciting experience,...

Chatbot: a True Business Ally

Views: 986

Recently, the subject Artificial Intelligence has been discussed more frequently and more extensively, yet the terminology related to this field has been used rather carelessly....

In autumnal Sydney about diversity

Views: 1882

On my flight to Tokyo last year, headed for the 2017 Global Summit of Women, I mulled over the words of Władysław Bartoszewski, a Polish politician, social activist, journalist,...

The Distree break

Views: 2480

I love to go back to the places I know. Am I sentimental? Maybe as part of such sentimental journeys I have changed the middle of winter into a blossom-strewn spring. So...

In the Alps about the fourth revolution

Views: 2125

This year I went to the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, full of high hopes. And I was not disappointed. The decision to attend the conference has paid dividends. I’ve...

The Magic Mountain, or … the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2018

Views: 5688

This will be a very important meeting – no doubt about it! Why? Well, the list of reasons is long, that’s why. Let me share just a few – those that I think are...

M–commerce: the commerce of the future

Views: 1914

It is hard to believe it today: in the mid-90’s there were people who were able to predict that in a matter of a few years no one will remember what life looked like before...

Give us our daily investment

Views: 1671

The securities market is the beating heart of any economy. All capital investments, whatever description they may go by, end up on the securities market. No Wonder. It is the only...

ABC Data Cloud is the future

Views: 2332

Waiting for some events to happen can bring a real thrill of excitement. I believe I am not the only person for whom the launch of our platform base services in the cloud, or ABC...

XaaS – a new era

Views: 1492

A Chinese philosopher who was immortalized in the annals of history as Confucius said that you only had to find something you liked doing in order to spend the rest of your life...


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