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Only a few days ago I wrote about how successful ABC Data has always been at the Distree EMEA conference in Monaco and, lo and behold, to prove that this was not an empty boast, our company has just been awarded the distinction of best distributor of the CEE region in 2017. There is plenty to cheer about, as the EMEA Channel Academy Award is not just one of the most prestigious awards in the sector, but a very special one indeed. It is awarded in an online vote by a few thousand-strong panel of jurors who are the business partners working with the distributors. It is hard to find a more objective and highly regarded body of people.

In practice, this means that ABC Data has been chosen the best and the most reliable distributor in the whole CEE region thanks to the votes cast by its business partners. Can a greater vote of confidence be hoped for? Except perhaps that this is the seventh time in the last nine years of the DISTREE EMEA conference that ABC Data has clinched the Best Distributor in the CEE Region Award.

I had every reason then to be pleased and full of energy on the way back from Monaco. Pleased because the award is proof that our partners appreciate the high standards we have set for ourselves. They can see we make the right choices, keep ahead of market trends, can be trusted to lead the way – that it is good to be a partner of ABC Data. Full of energy because, besides making me happy, every award we get is a challenge. After all, when a company has achieved as much as ABC Data, which is almost everything there is to be achieved in this business, it would be unwise to just live off the fat of the land. On the contrary, it has to grow and do so even more dynamically than ever before. At ABC Data, we never rest on our laurels, and that is the key to our success.

The seven awards from the EMEA Channel Academy attest to the choice of the right path and the effectiveness with which the Company follows it in growing its business. It further shows that ABC Data has for years successfully held off repeated attempts by global players to grab the Central and Eastern European market. The Company’s strong position makes it an attractive partner not only for its clients but also for leading hardware manufacturers.

I came back to Poland not only clutching the award but also bursting with new ideas how to steer the development of the Company I lead. This is a result of a number of meetings I had the opportunity to hold in the last few days with the most important people in the industry. But there is a lighter side to it too. I made sure to bring some sunshine to the grey and overcast Warsaw, if only in lots and lots of pictures. I believe that a bit of that brilliant light so prevalent in our lucky Monaco will make waiting for spring a bit easier for us all. Spring of course heralds new projects for ABC Data. More about them in due course.

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