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ABC Data Cloud is the future

Waiting for some events to happen can bring a real thrill of excitement. I believe I am not the only person for whom the launch of our platform base services in the cloud, or ABC Data Cloud, was such a keenly anticipated moment. It would be unlike us though to leave it at that, without some cherry on the top. We wanted it to be something special, something that would create a sense of value added. So, as well as rolling out ABC Data Cloud, we have presented a completely new mobile application for the InterLink platform and a thoroughly rebuilt Reseller Web. As a result, we have set a new trend in the industry going well beyond the classic distribution functions. In doing so, we also laid the foundations for one of the events shaping the future of business – events which after many years have passed will have gone down in history.


I am convinced that ABC Data Cloud is especially useful for both the company I lead and, above all, ABC Data partners. To them, it represents an incredibly attractive source of value added. A platform which enables the reseller to offer cloud services of global suppliers, combine them and configure them according to the client’s needs, opens a whole lot of possibilities to create profit sources for every ABC Data partner. We are talking here about one of the fastest-growing and opportunity-laden market sectors. The rate of growth in cloud-based services is in double-digit territory – a trend set to continue in the next few years. So, it is phenomenally dynamic! At the same time, despite cloud-generated revenues increasing steadily as a percentage of companies’ revenue structure, the estimated value of services represents barely one per cent of the market. Can there be a more fortuitous marriage than a combination of dynamic growth and highly-promising opportunities?


From my point of view, the phenomenal success of cloud computing is not a big surprise. After all, cloud computing represents not a revolution but a natural evolution of the traditionally-understood IT. That’s why I don’t have the slightest doubt that cloud-based services will be a more and more important driver of business. For our partners, this is the best time to follow market trends, given how easy it is now thanks to ABC Data Cloud. The leader’s role indeed is to think ahead beyond the here and now, accurately predict the course of events and show new possibilities to their partners, wouldn’t you say?


What accounts for such sweeping optimism where the cloud is concerned? Contrary to appearances, market research is not the single factor that inspires such great hope. Admittedly, 20 per cent annual growth (the highest in the entire industry!) or the fact that every fourth large Polish company uses now cloud-based services are suitably impressive. Put simply, there are now solutions which meet market requirements to such a great extent that it is only a matter of time before they are embraced by all. Cloud computing is one of them. Cloud computing provides so many advantages that it would take me far too long to list them here. Suffice it to say that some of the strongest arguments are economy and security. We have all to some extent experienced the frustration of losing our data, but has there ever been a case of losing data in the cloud? Of course, I am talking here about the business side of things, because, as individual users, we have grown so accustomed to using cloud-based solutions that we are no longer aware of them.


I have little doubt that the development of business will in time and to an ever-greater extent be determined by the possibilities which cloud computing brings with it. I am also convinced that the next few years will be crucial for companies that are quick to spot a chance for themselves in cloud-computing. So, it is not an exaggeration to say that, from their perspective, the ABC Data Cloud platform couldn’t have come at a more opportune moment!


For anyone who is sceptical, let me say that ABC Data itself is a perfect example of how a correct interpretation of market trends at the right time can, and for a very long time, give you the edge over your competitors. Note that InterLink was created in the days when other distributors were thinking about the future of e-commerce in more or less the same terms as the sceptics at the end of the XIX century were thinking about the benefits of electricity. InterLink – I never tire to stress – was the baby of true visionaries who believed in e-commerce with the same zeal which is inspired today by cloud-based solutions. I am certain that they were also thrilled as they watched more and more orders come in and realised, to their great joy, that with each month the system generated more and more profits for the company. Today InterLink not only represents an unsurpassed standard for the industry but is a legend. One day ABC Data Cloud will become legendary, too.


Some very promising market data concerning cloud computing:

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